Trends in Makeup and Eyelash Care

The thoughtful and beautiful images are not only the most fashionable things of the season. Accessories, fashionable makeup and manicure play a significant role in creating a stylish image. The secret of success is to make them with accents: expressive, but not lurid, attracting, but without pathos. But we will tell about the most important things: how to make up in spring and summer 2019, show how fashionable make-up spring-summer 2019 looks for every day and whether it is appropriate to be an ascetic in bright colors and hundreds of types of cosmetics. We will talk about caring for your eyelashes.

The most practical and spectacular makeup trends of the spring-summer 2019 season:

Brown lipstick and lip liner.

Neon arrows.

The glass effect of the skin.

Bright eye shadows.

Auto bronzer.

Blush all over face.

Brown smoky eyes.

Emphasizing freckles.

Gold leaf glitter.

Eye makeup in the style of the 80s.

The main rule of any kind of make-up is lightness. Simple application, elementary rules and naturalness. Regarding the latter, we note - this is not only a story about nude shades. A natural and trendy make-up 2019 means that it suits you.

Glass skin

It should not look due to the advertised fluid or makeup foundation, adapting to the skin tone. Smooth skin is healthy skin. Therefore, it is worth starting with taking care of yourself with a high-quality moisturizing or nourishing cream and makeup products that give the skin a rest from beauty experiments.

Glass skin is a make-up technique when the surface of the skin is so smooth that it resembles the surface of glass. To achieve the effect of a glossy texture, thoroughly moisten the skin and apply a liquid highlighter

Eyelashes should not stick together. Makeup designers advise us closer to spring to feel like real artists, watercolor painters and to arm ourselves with bright colors to set bright accents in make-up. If the soul asks for colors, you need to indulge its desires! The trend of 2019 will be bright blush, eyelashes and shadows - from orange to fuchsia. Similarly, yellow mascara will be popular. Conservatives are encouraged to put it on the tips of the eyelashes, which looks unusual and at the same time is still acceptable in the framework of the dress code.

Fashion makeup for the summer of 2019 provides not clearly traced graphic eyebrows, and naturalness. You can emphasize the beauty with a special marker and fix with wax for eyebrows.

Juicy lips

Berry lipstick and all variations of red will never leave the top lines of the beauty parade. The woman and red lipstick is a great tandem, especially in the colorful 2019. After all, it is known that the girl with juicy lips attracts the attention of men faster than her rival with a magnificent bust.

Soft pastel

For those who do not think of themselves as a vamp woman and prefer a soft and slightly romantic image, makeup designers offer nude makeup. Delicate shades and translucent textures are suitable for lips, and calm pastel tones are appropriate in the eye make-up.