Makeup Trends and Eyebrow Care 2019

What makeup will be considered fashionable in 2019? We present a couple of interesting makeup ideas for the next season, with which you will look perfect! Beauty trends 2019 will strive for naturalness, emphasizing your individuality. Even if you have a grunge look with shabby leather jacket and massive shoes, complete the look with an aggressive make-up.

We always want to simplify makeup by spring, and even more so by the summer hot season, when bright and dense makeup causes horrible sensations on the face. This trend has begun to spread to the cold season, so you should pay particular attention to the skin care. We will talk about a few trend makeup for winter, which will emphasize your individuality and with which you will shine.

Transparent lip-gloss

Saturated shades of lipstick go into the background and the effect of wet lips comes to replace them. It can be made thanks to the transparent lip-gloss. Thus, you will create a fresh look of skin.

White eye shadows or white eye pencil

White shadows have many advantages. For example, thanks to them, one can visually not only enlarge the eyes, but also change their shape and cut. To make the eyes visually bigger, apply white shadows to the corners of the eyes. However, there are many shades of white: pale beige, cream, pale pink. Choose bright shadows that suit you. Put shadows on your eyes with confidence, and do not be afraid to go beyond the contour as the shadows should be applied without clear lines. Apply golden shadows to the mobile eyelid, and twist the eyelashes with tweezers and lightly paint them with mascara.

Try to leave eyebrows in the most natural way and just brush them up with a brush and fix it with a special gel.

In addition, many makeup designers suggest using light shades of shadows instead of a highlighter. Apply a white tint to the cheekbone area and along the contour of the upper lip. So you can add shine to your makeup!

Eyebrow fashion trends in 2019:

There is no need to make eyebrows-strings. Naturalness is at the peak of popularity.

If nature has awarded you with thick and wide eyebrows, you are lucky. This year there’s almost nothing to do to look amazing.

Owners of thick eyebrows need to comb the hairs and fix them.

The eyebrows darker in color than hair are fashionable now. But keep in mind, that it is not necessary for a blonde to dye her eyebrows black. This is a sign of bad taste and trash.

On fashion catwalks, some designers decided to remove the line above the eyes. They masked dark hair with powder or light shadows. Thus, this area was almost colorless.

Choose the form that suits you best. To do this, consider the size, color and direction of the corners of the eyes.

Light peach blush

If we are talking about makeup for the winter period, then it is just necessary to use a light blush on the skin in order to avoid looking too pale. In winter, this is a must if you want to look fresh! This effect can be achieved with the help of light blush, special tint or creamy light blush.