How to Get Your Girl Back After a Break Up

Parting with a girl is always painful. But in most cases, when the initiator of parting is a man, the pain quickly passes and there comes a long-awaited sense of freedom. This sensation is so strong and bright that few things can be compared with it. Unless you are a novice rock musician and you first see how a crowd of thousands dance to the music you are a part of.

But everything can be the other way around. Suppose you made a terrible mistake, underestimated your girlfriend, parted with her, but then realized that you cannot live without her. Or your girlfriend decided that she could find someone better for herself. For example, your best friend, who has always been a little prettier, a little smarter and a little richer than you. Anything can happen. In this situation, men are divided into 2 types: some humbly accept their fate, while others are ready to do anything to return the beloved. If you read this article, then the second type of men is about you. And we have great news for you.

No, we do not offer you a universal panacea for your failures on the love front. But we offer you our experience and our knowledge in the field of psychology of relations. These two things helped many to restore the relationship. Why do not you become one of them?

Is It Possible to Get Back With Your Ex?

There is such a popular myth that trying to get back with ex is like taking up sadomasochism. A glass of pleasure will be diluted by a barrel of pain. And there is a fee waiting for you - your girlfriend will still leave you. Like you read books for each other, and not the most interesting books, by the way. You do not want to re-read them in the end.

Yes, this often happens, but often does not mean always. Those who shout about the impossibility to do something are people who cannot survive their failures, so that it is simply vital for them that the whole world surrender too. So it will be easier for them to accept themselves in this life. But such people are very bad advisers.

To succeed, you need some real reasons to get back with ex. If you love her very much and are ready not only to admit your mistakes, but also to learn how to correct them, your chances of success are very high. Your love and understanding of the reasons that led to the parting will do their job.

If you have not learned them yet, this is an excuse to postpone reading and seriously think about them. It often happens this way: when you started dating a girl, each of your meetings brought her so much pleasure and buzz that she just squeaked with delight. She liked your appearance, she liked your words and your mannerisms. It was exactly what she was looking for among thousands of other guys.

But after some time, you began to change with age, she did the same, and at one point she realized that you are no longer that guy with whom she was once delighted. You could change so that she stopped recognizing you. Perhaps, you are stuck at one age, and she has matured and now she does not understand you. So, you should ask yourself: should I get back with ex? If the answer is correct, go further.

So is it possible to get back with ex? We know a lot of examples, when a guy and his girlfriend part 5 times a week and then still make a quarrel. Such "partings" usually last no more than 10 days, and the girls use them for pressure and blackmailing their boyfriends. In such situations apologies and some "gifts" can really help you. With this, there is nothing to be done, the girls like to manipulate us.

The situation changes dramatically when, after some event or a long period of "cold" attitude, the girl suddenly declares that she no longer sees any reason to date and offers friendship or points the way out for you through direct text. In this situations apologies and gifts do not only help but they also aggravate the situation, which sometimes leads to a deplorable result.

Unfortunately, few people can immediately determine the seriousness of the decision of the girl, so each of us tried to make up and return his girlfriend with the help of an apology, endless calls and messages.

Before crying over spilled milk and think about how to return a girl, you need to increase your self-esteem and think about why you need to get ex back. Do you really need it the way you think, or maybe it is your hurt ego speaking in you? Do you still love her, or are you just used to regular sex and a delicious dinner? Of course, it's easier, because in order to start something with a new girl, you need to strain yourself and make great efforts, and with the ex everything is much easier.

So, if you are trying to get back with ex girlfriend not for reasons we wrote above, follow to the next block and learn how to achieve your goal.

How to Get Her Back after a Break Up

So, how to get her back after a break up? Start with work on yourself. First, you do not need to get yourself depressed. Do not be naughty, do not complain about life and circumstances, adequately accept her decision. So does a normal self-confident man. Whatever happens to you at this time, you should never lower yourself and go down in front of her. Do not beg her to come back, and most importantly - do not push on her pity with your snotty stories, how bad you feel without her. It is through such behavior that you look in her eyes like a total jerk. And if you still do not know how to return the girl you love, then just do not be a rag. Nobody likes rags, it's one hundred percent lost option.

Start going to the gym, change your appearance, love yourself and make sure that she also falls in love with you again. Work, do not sit on the same place, but move forward, develop, participate in new projects. Be perspective. Be the person with whom she just wants to be. Find yourself a hobby, diversify your leisure time. Make your life interesting, then another person will be fascinated to be near you. Communicate with other girls, get experience. As a result, she will see that she is not the only one who wants to be with you. Girls are very fond of competition and rivalry, although they never admit it. This strategy is very effective when the girlfriend needs space and you do not know how to get her back. Her lack of space means that she is bored in most cases. Just show her that from this very moment you are a more interesting person. Do not say that, but show with your actions.

Many guys ask how to get her back through text. This is a very naive question. Only an inexperienced or completely stupid man can expect to restore a lasting relationship with a couple of text messages.

The times when the ladies read the letters of cavaliers and could cry with happiness or drink poison based on the written, have long passed away. Modern girls are less romantic and more pragmatic. They need your actions, not written words.

Exceptions are those cases when the "break" occurred due to a small quarrel (most often because of the rude attitude of the guy). In fact, the girl will be back in a few days, although now it seems to her that this will never happen. You can accelerate this process if you are feeling guilty. Write that you did not put into your rude behavior or rude words any sense - these were just emotions that escaped from control. In any case do not blame the girl. Forget about trying to cause self-pity. Sincerely apologize and promise that you will learn to gain control over yourself if you tend to often lose your temper. If it's not about you, promise that this will not happen again. Then she will believe you.

Let’s speak about more complicated question. You probably want to know how to get her back from another guy. First of all, you should finally learn how to correctly communicate with the girls, take care of them, find out how to interest them. It should be real practice, not the one you saw in some Hollywood melodrama.

Before you deploy any large-scale actions, you should decide, do you need it at all? Often, most guys are offended by their ex-girlfriends precisely because they were first to say good bye. You should not cultivate an excessive sense of self-importance but think rationally: if you were abandoned and left for another guy, then there were reasons for that.

No matter how trivial it may sound, but in order to return a girl who has gone to another guy, you must be successful. Find a normal job, strive for improvement and seek recognition from others. Such changes in the ex will not leave indifferent any girl, and, probably, she will try to return. But there is one nuance: rapidly rising up the career ladder and earning good money, it is very easy to catch a "star fever" and do not pay attention to the fact that most ladies begin to appreciate the density of the purse, not the person himself.

If the reason of parting is another guy, you should analyze your mistakes during the relationship and do not commit them anymore. Then the chances of success will be as high as possible. As psychologists say, most of the time we just say "I do not know what I did wrong", but in fact, we at least approximately see where critical mistakes were made, but we do not admit it even to ourselves.

Now let’s find out how to get her back after a bad break up. In fact, it's easier than many people think. Nobody likes to recall the scandal that has occurred between you and your loved one. At such moments, images from your happy days come to mind. Your smiles, sincere words of love spoken to each other, especially passionate sex. As long as you remember all this, most likely, your ex does the same. The question is who will be the first to step over pride and make a step toward reconciliation. We suggest you to take the initiative.

Invite the girl to a quiet, peaceful place. Tell that you do not want to meet in order to continue the quarrel. Express sincere regret for what happened. Show that you do not regret your own or her pride but your pure love to which you both poured a tub of dirt. Your task is to make the girl recognize that she was guided by emotions. As well as you. Then everything will work out.

And finally we would like to talk about how to get her back after being needy. Disappear for a while. Perhaps for 2-3 months. Yes, this is a radical but the most effective way in this situation. You need to forget her: take away her photo, which you store in your wallet, remove all contacts and pictures from your mobile phone, isolate from her in social networks. Her phone number should also be deleted, but before that, write it down on a piece of paper that you can hide. So far, nothing should remind you of the girl. And at this time you will change the way we taught you. Your only salvation is to become a real man. And this is a very complex and painstaking way, which not all can pass.

If nothing helps, there is only one way out - you just need to look for a new girl. The bottom line is that there is no point in returning the one who does not like you after you changed yourself completely. You need to get acquainted with someone new, communicate, and not sit with your hands down.